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Inter Group consists of… Inter Fibre Container Co., Ltd. Inter Pacific Paper Co., Ltd., And Inter Eastern Container Co., Ltd.
are specialized in kraft paper and corrugated packaging.

Inter Fiber Container Co.,Ltd: (IFC)

Situated in Bangkae, Bangkok, Inter Fibre Container Company Limited or IFC produces corrugated sheet and boxes for our customers under the quality standard. Our management vision is to consistently emphasized on experienced staff, quality of raw material and produced them through advance production system.Moreovere, we provide advice and design on the different needs from the customers with an outstanding design and value for money.Meeting the customer’s needs by wide selections of corrugated paper such as single wall for B, C and E flute and double wall for BC and EC flute.

Inter Pacific Paper Co., Ltd. (IPP)

Situated in Bangsang, Prachinburi, Inter Pacific Paper Co., Ltd. produces kraft paper from recovered paper by using high technology and internationally accepted machine from Mitsubishi Beloit, with the quality control standard from QCS and DCS. Our power plant’s burning capability is 89%. It will reduce the release of Sulfur Oxide and Nitrogen Oxide to ozone layer. 99.9% of the dust is being trapped through the installation of the electric static system. 100% of the waste water from printing process is being treated and reused in our production line

Inter Eastern Container Co., Ltd. (IEC)

Situated in Prachinburi, Inter Eastern Container Co., Ltd purposes is to meet our customers’ demand in the eastern part of Thailand, the machine’s width is 2.5 m, which is the largest machine in Thailand. Our high quality printing machines run on Flexo printing system which is able to print 4 colors at once.

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