There are 5 kraft liner boards.
1. KT: Brown kraft liner board

Thickness 125, 150, 175, 205 g/m2
Characteristics Brown Color. 100% from recycle paper, it is not only environmental friendly, but also strong and durable.
Usage Suitable for heavy weight required strong protection products, popular among exporting products
2. KI: Light brown kraft liner board

Thickness 125, 150,185 g/m2
Characteristics Light brown color, support dark colored printing well. Lower grade than KA
Usage Suitable for products that require extra strength and durability such as beverage, canned food, milk carton and electrical appliances.
3. KA: Yellow gold kraft liner board KA

Thickness 125, 150, 185, 230 g/m2
Characteristics Yellowish gold color. Known for its strength and durability, it is popular among local market.
Usage Suitable for local and export market such as canned-food, frozen seafood, electrical appliances, auto and electronic parts, circuit board and furniture box. For products that need both strength and protection against collision.
4. KW: White kraft liner board

Thickness 125, 140, 170 g/m2
Characteristics White color. It is clean and beautiful for visible and apparent design work. Strong and able to protect the products.
Usage Popular among fruit and flower products, electronic appliances, frozen food, export products and consumer goods.
CA: Corrugated medium
5. CA (Corrugating Medium)

Thickness 85, 100, 105, 115, 125, 150, 185 g/m2
Characteristics Brown kraft liner for the corrugated flute. 100% from recycle paper
Usage Suitable for corrugated flute or liner board. Able to stack on top of one another and protect against collision, CA sometimes can be used inside of the box to reduce cost.


Corrugated paper consists of Kraft Liner Board and Corrugated Medium. There are 2 types of corrugated medium.

1.Single wall Corrugate Board

It composes of 2 sheet boards and 1 corrugated medium which is in between the 2 sheet board. It is popular for product with average weight and does not need durability.

The standard usage is for inner box are B, C, and E Flute.

Width: 6.3-6.6 mm.
Height: 2.1-3.0 mm.
Flute: 150-185 m.
Characteristics: Able to resist the pressure. Suitable for product that is able to hold its weight on its own such as containing aluminum can
Width: 7.3-8.1 mm.
Height: 3.4-4.1 mm.
Flute: 120-145 m.
Characteristics:The properties are in between flute A and B. It is the most popular flute, suitable for general product with average weight. It can be both uses for die-cut and RSC.
Width: 3.2-3.4 mm.
Height: 1.0-1.8 mm.
Flute: 290-320 m.
Characteristics: Resistance again high pressure makes it suitable for colorful printing work. It often uses to make die-cut and offset box. It is easy for printing work therefore, it is common in products that need good appearance such as

2. Double wall Corrugate Board

It consists of 3 sheet boards and 2 corrugated mediums.


It is a double wall corrugated paper which consists of 3 sheet boards of paper and 2 corrugated medium. They are E and C flute. At the front,there is E flute,a small flute and at the back there is C flute, a bigger flute comparing to E
It is use for outer box, standard and BC flute

Appearance: Good
Space: EC is space saving
Height: 5.60-5.70
weight (g): EC is lighter than BC by 7.24 %
Characteristics: It is able to protect against collision, high durability and easily shape. It is popular for product that is heavy and needs extra protection such as television, refrigerator and auto parts.


E flute is good for printing and protect again collision and tearing. On the other hand, C flute is able to absorb the vertical weight from the top and protect the product from any impact.

Appearance:Very good
Space: EC is space saving
weight (g):EC is lighter than BC by 7.24 %
- The smooth surface of the paper allows clear and sharp printing.
- It is able to reduce the space for storage and transportation by 16.4% when compare to BC flute, as the flute height is lower.
-  Lighter weight comparing to BC flute.
1.Snack box packaging
This group of product emphasizes on beautiful printing work for better appearance on the shelf.
2.Export goods box
Due to limited space for transportation, using EC flute will allow cost saving on transportation
3.Automotive box
It is able to protect the product better than double wall paper with the same weight.
4.Air transportation goods box
It is smaller and lighter comparing to BC flute.


Type of our Boxes

1. RSC (Regular Slotted Container)
Characteristics: The covers are at the top and bottom of the box. The covers have the same size, when the cover is closed, it will meet each other in the center of the box

Usage: Almost every product. It has average durability and suitable for consumer goods, computer, electronics, canned food etc

2. OSC (Overlap Slotted Container)
Characteristics:This Box is similar to RSC that it can be open from top and bottom. The top and bottom are overlapping each other

Usage: It can be used with almost every product. It is able to protect the products from any damage. It is suitable for products which are long and slim such as florescence light, umbrella.

3. FTD (Full Telescope Design Style Box)
Characteristics: : It is similar to overlap slotted container, but it has one piece instead of two pieces by using die-cut into particular shape.

Usage: For products that can be seen when the box is open or products that require air circulation. It is suitable fore agriculture product, both fresh and process food such as vegetables, fruits, clothes, and flower.

4. Die-Cut
Characteristics:: It depends on the requirement and characteristics of the products and the box can be designed to suit the needs of the products.

Usage: can be used for many products. For example, a product that needs inner protection, products that need beatified or a show case for products. It is suitable for process food products, toys, computer parts, electronics, fresh vegetables and fruits.